Your Website vs Social Media

Social Media Insight

Social Media Insight

This is how you get noticed! Of the billions of people who are on social media every day, you need to invite your share of visitors back to your website where you are in control. You don’t need to be fully involved with Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, YouTube, etc., but you should maintain an up-to-date presence on at least a few of the social sites you choose. Each service provides a unique experience, and attracts a unique user-base. You want to make sure that you and your skills are discoverable in as many places as possible.

Imagine that your website is an airline terminal and all the social media services you use are arriving and departing flights that your contacts travel on. Some travelers are flying in on the arriving Twitter or Facebook flights; they’ll see a status update or tweet that leads them to your website. Other travelers are already at the terminal; they may click to see a YouTube video or Instagram photo that you posted on your website, and off they go, departing for one of your hubs.

Your website is your home office, your central command for your online content. This is where you house your content, blog posts, testimonials, demos, etc. From your home office you push your content out to your various social media profiles!


The Road Crew

The Road Crew received the Bobby Troup Recognition of Artistic Achievement Award from the International Route 66 Association in June 2011 in Amarillo Texas. We can’t tell you how much this special award at that special moment meant to us. What an honor it was to be recognized by our Route 66 family as the official musical ambassadors to The Mother Road!

We love to promote America’s Main Street every chance we get! The band started gaining recognition for our efforts to promote Route 66 in 2003. Our CD “Songs From The Mother Road” tells the stories of The Mother Road and is available on, iTunes, through Route 66 Magazine and on CD in the gift shops and museums all across Route 66. The romance for 66 was passed along from me to the rest of the band. And now, we are all true roadies in every since of the word.

My passion for Route 66 began when I was just a kid. In 1955 dad drove us across 66 from St. Louis to LA to attend the grand opening of Disneyland. That’s my earliest recollection of 66 and I have tell you the adventure of The Mother Road was every bit as exhilarating as that day at the (supposedly) happiest place on earth! I was as thrilled with The Meramec Caverns, The Buffalo Ranch, Frontier City and The Jack Rabbit Trading Post as any of those glitzy California attractions.

Living along Route 66 in Missouri and later in California, there wasn’t a day gone by that it was not seen or at least talked about. I learned to drive on 66! My buddies and I rode our motorcycles on 66! The Foothill Drive-In in Azusa was a weekend hangout and later a great place for dates!

Yes sir, Route 66 is a part of me, my very soul, and now my band, who dedicates a lot of its time to getting the message out to other generations to discover and hold on to this precious commodity. Preserve it…treasure it. Travel The Mother Road! Experience her heyday through the restored diners, drive-ins, gas stations, tourist courts and museums. Hold on to her past, learn from her and you just may see a better America in your future!

The Road Crew will be headlining the ‘Birthplace of Route 66 Festival’ in Springfield Missouri, August 11th, 2012. Then look for the band at CubaFest in Cuba Missouri on October 20th, 2012. Come meet The Road Crew and feel the heartbeat of Route 66 through our “Songs From The Mother Road” and our Rockabilly Beat!